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1、What mold size mold can you build?
We can build about 10 ton and 1.5m injection mold, die casting die and precision mold etc.

2、Have you ever built over mold, insert mold, dual-injection mold and electroformed mold?
Yes, we have rich experience in producing all these kinds of molds.

3、Do you build hot runner mold?
Yes, we build hot runner molds and are familiar with many different systems such as DME, Mold-Master, Master-tip, Hasco, Yudo, and Husky, etc. The manifold used for your tool is selected to meet your needs

4、What industries do you serve?
We serve markets like OA equipment, IT product, Automotive, Home and entertainment appliances, Medical products and more.

5、How many molds can you build per year and how many for exported?
Our annual output is over 300 sets of molds and above 90% is exporting to overseas market.

6、What standard mold can you build?
It is base on DME or HASCO standard normally. Again it will be totally decided by the requirements of the customer.

7、What's your sales terms?
Generally we give quotation of EXW. But we could also quote it by FOB Shenzhen / HongKong Port or CIF as customer required.

8、Will you provide spare parts for the damageable parts of molds?
Yes, we will. The damageable parts and spare parts will be listed during mold design stage, and then confirmed by customer, it will be completed on agreed lead time, after confirmation received from the client party, and then packed, shipped with the mold together.

9、What type of CAD Files is acceptable for you?
DXF, DWG, PKT, SAT, STEP/STP, IGES, X-T etc formats are acceptable for us.

10、How long does it take to finish and present a mold design?
Normally 2 to 3 days.

11、If Bosen can provide the PEG report or the comment of design optimization?
Yes, we can. Once the P.O is confirmed, we will provide optimization design to customer, for example Mold-flow report and PEG report etc.

12、Are there any attachment will be shipped with mold together in case?
There are spare part, product checking report, photos of the mold, steel certification etc. We are responsible for the molds made, any quality problem, we will provide all the post-sale service


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